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Another dAmn Interview! is an interview series I've started
up where I interview a deviant who is a regular in the dAmn/Chatroom
area of deviantART, and ask them to share their initial and current
opinons on that area of the site. I'd love some suggestions on how it
can be improved if you have any, as well as any other questions you
think should be asked. Thank you!

1. When did you start using dAmn compared to how long you've been on dA?

I got curious about dAmn maybe a year after I had  created my profile here. I hadn't been an active user of DA in the first year but now I find myself logging on daily.

2. Did you find yourself drawn to any chatrooms in particular when you first started using them?

Like everyone I suppose I first randomly visited some of the popular rooms to see what's going on. Spent a few hours in #devart and #photographers before finally settling in #iPhotograph. I've never been a fan of being in multiple rooms at once since I like to follow what's going on instead of jumping between rooms whenever my name is mentioned.

3. Have you made any friendships while using dAmn?

I think I've made plenty. At least there are plenty of people of whom I think about as friends and hope they see me as one too. It's a good way to connect with people who have similar intrests and hobbies but live in some other country.

4. Are there any rooms you would recommend other deviants visit?

I've always enjoyed my stay in #iPhotograph, people are generally friendly and you can ask "stupid" questions
without being treated like an idiot.

5. Which medium of art was your first love?

Photography. I can't draw if my life depended on it so I focus on capturing the wonders of the world around me though photos. :)

6. What emoticon / graphic is your favourite to use in dAmn?

hmmm... :glomp: maybe or :waves:, just as a way of greeting people. :bathla: is adorable though.

7. What chatrooms do you usually hang out in?

#iPhotograph, some random visits to others but mostly you can find me there.

8. Some people are scared to join dAmn because of the amount of deviants using it - do you have any words of advice?

Well if your aim is to meet new people who are interested in the same things as you are isn't it only a good thing?
You can always decide how much you want to tell others about yourself if it feels intimidating.

9. What was your impression of the chatrooms before you started using them?

I had been using a few IRC clients before I ventured on to the world of dAmn so it felt familiar.

10. Is there anything else you would like to add?

dAmn will get you hooked ;)

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Know someone you think should be interviewed? Note me!

A Weekly Interview with Deviants who frequent dA's chat network, dAmn.
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