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Another dAmn Interview! is an interview series I've started up where I interview a deviant who is a regular in the dAmn/Chatroom area of deviantART, and ask them to share their initial and current opinons on that area of the site. I'd love some suggestions on how it can be improved if you have any, as well as any other questions you think should be asked. Thank you!

1. When did you start using dAmn compared to how long you've been on dA?
- I created my first account on December 2005, and around January 2006 I found the chatrooms... so pretty quick, I'd say. =P

2. Did you find yourself drawn to any chatrooms in particular when you first started using them?
- For years, I went to #devart only. I found a lot of people there that I felt connected with, and it didn't even occur to me to go anywhere else. But things have changed in there, and I've started 'wandering' around, so to say. :giggle:

3. Have you made any friendships while using dAmn?
- The answer to this question is short and simple: MANY. :heart: Some of them are very very close to me, and we support each other in various ways. :love:

4. Are there any rooms you would recommend other deviants visit?
- #help if you need help with chatrooms or Forums or other dA-related issues (not personal life issues), #devart for crazy people, #ShareZone for art sharing times, #WriteRoom for writers, and #iPhotograph for photographers. =P If you are non-English speaker, you may find #internationalfaq helpful as well. For people from Europe, there's #Europe. :giggle:

5. Which medium of art was your first love?
- Haha first love ohh dear humm I think it was writing, after all. Since I learned to read and write at the age of 7 or so, I first fell in love with reading - and soon after realised I have words and worlds inside me that want to get out. :) I tried other mediums too, like drawing and photography, and although I still take photographs and even have two cameras, writing is more close to me. :giggle:

6. What emoticon / graphic is your favourite to use in dAmn?
- I have so many of them! Including :dummy::nuu::stare::la::happybounce::typerhappy::giggle::lmao: and then several 'custom' ones. =P I use emoticons a lot, maybe a bit too much sometimes....

7. What chatrooms do you usually hang out in?
- Well, #devart still. :lol: I also try to be in #internationalfaq as much as possible, and recently I've realised I need to get in touch with the writing and photography community more, and so I try to be in #WriteRoom and #iPhotograph as often as possible. ^^; But after years in just one chatroom, I find it a bit difficult to toggle between sooo many rooms. :lmao:

8. Some people are scared to join dAmn because of the amount of deviants using it - do you have any words of advice?
- Find a chatroom that seems interesting, and then... Just KEEP CALM :lol: First and foremost, READ THE RULES. =P
Follow the conversations for a while, pick one that interests you, and focus on the people you wish to communicate with (keep an eye of their username, when they say something and if it's relevant to your conversation's topic, respond to them).
Over time you will learn how to handle more conversations at once, but be prepared to scroll up and down a lot. :giggle: Have some sense of humour, don't take things too seriously (remember people may use alter-egos here on the Internet), and just have fun. :aww:

9. What was your impression of the chatrooms before you started using them?
- Of dA chatrooms? None. When I joined, I knew only my friend aquamadoor and she has never gone to chatrooms here as far as I know, so I had no one to tell me how dAmn was. But on other websites I had become accustomed to use chatrooms, although it disgusted me (and still does) how awfully they were moderated. :stare: It didn't take me long to realise dAmn is better moderated, and I've always felt safe in the chatroom(s). I've never been harassed on dAmn like I've been harassed on another website. :phew:

10. Is there anything else you would like to add?
- Chatting is a very fun way to spend your time. In fact, it can be so fun and immersing that you can easily forget real life and relationships. So be careful, chatrooms ARE addictive! Chatrooms can also tire or anger you: there is sometimes dArama (dA drama), there are trolls, you may get into a word-fight with someone you consider a friend, sometimes people don't talk to you at all and then sometimes you get tabbed 100x times when you're not even looking... :giggle: You will know when it's time to close dAmn and do something else. :) Just follow that intuition and save your energy to something else than some dAmn dArama. ;P ALSO try to be friendly with the Volunteers/admins, but don't lick their butts. =P

May 15, 2012..Own Frame of Time

In this world,
there are so many stories to be told.
In the past, right now, the insecure future.
What happens is not easy to capture
in words nor images
- these earthly cages.
I look at the world and feel detached,
and the door to outside is latched.
The news don't usually reach me
but the cat paws at me wildly.
Trapped in my own frame of time,
I close my eyes and let it all pass me by.
May 13, 2012Balconies of Memories
In life I've gone through all kinds of phases.
So why do I always tie myself to places?
"Darling, we must leave",
told my mother to me.
I remember sitting on the balcony,
thinking it was some sort of felony
set up by the Estonian construction workers
to destroy our lives, like bombers.
Next to me was my beloved cat, sickly, but alive;
and caught in our own worlds, we kept our eyes at the sky.
For long I felt like a rootless plant,
vulnerable against the rain and the wind - a small ant
trying not to get crushed by human feet.
So very rushed it all seemed,
but for studies I escaped to another town.
Home-sickness kept me down
- only nine months away,
for God's sake!
Then my fiance found us a New Home,
a small, nice place to love.
But my cat was put to sleep
(for her I still sometimes weep)
and our lovely home turned out to be a trap:
instead of water I see euros when I turn the tap...
And so we are searching again,
for no one likes to waste money down the drai
May 6, 2012The Lumberjill
"The apple doesn't fall far from its tree",
approved the serial killer
when his daughter
chose an axe as her career.
April 19, 2012..Instant Messaging Was Supposed To Bring Us Closer
In small villages
People knew each other by
Names and faces
And how everyone spent their free time.
Now people are more likely
To remember a celebrity's birthday
Than the ones' they live with.
We can spend hours with our close ones
In the same house
In the same room
Yet we are worlds apart from each other.
Computers, televisions, cellphones,
Keeping us away from each other
Bringing us closer with hundreds of others.
Some of them aren't probably even real.
So what are you waiting for
Staring at that screen?
Why don't you go
And give a tight hug to someone you love..?
April 11, 2012Modern Contradictions
How do you know
who's friend and who's foe?
There are no signs,
like red and white stripes.
No need to whisper your secrets,
your neighbors aren't nationalist agents.
(Or are they?)
No... the enemy is no longer visible:
you can't touch it, tear down the invincible
wheels of the democratic, red-taped machine.
- We have been given the freedom of speech
so we can disagree with the government, the church
and many others.
You don't have to whisper, say it all out loud!
... yet there are things you're not allowed
to say, about skin tones, sexuality, politics,
religion, badly behaving kids.
Shh, shh!
Because if you do,
they'll sue you for telling the truth.
Meanwhile, a journalist terrorises lives;
it's like they are KGB spies
digging out all from your past
and - oh my God, have you really said that?
... It doesn't matter if you deny it,
they're allowed to turn and twist
all that you say;
it's the same
as telling the red-taped machine
to stop turning - and

If you know someone who you think should  be interviewed, send me a note!
A Weekly Interview with Deviants who frequent dA's chat network, dAmn.
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